Downloading Duboku Videos

I've taken the logic of limkokhole's downloader and reimplemented the functionality I need in a small perl script. Give the script a link to a show's page on Duboku, and give it the episode numbers you want, and it will download it for you.[^1] Through analyzing limkokhole's original code and writing this script, I've learnt about how HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) works, namely, the use of small .ts files to prevent the need of downloading a potentially large video all at once.

[^1]: I do not endorse downloading videos from Duboku. I am a law-abiding citizen. Plus it's not the downloader that should be prosecuted but the uploader. Also, I didn't even write this script for myself.

My script has quite a few dependencies, and I couldn't find a way to package it. PAR Packager could not bundle everything correctly, maybe I can fix that in the future. If you want to install the script, install Perl and install the modules you see used with CPAN.

The notable differences with my script, when compared to limkokhole's, are:

Feel free to try out my script! If you run into problems feel free to contact me.